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Frequency Oscillators

Frequency Oscillators
Narda-MITEQ manufactures and designs one of the most extensive Frequency Oscillator product lines on the market today.

Narda-MITEQ's standard oscillator product line includes:
  • high-value phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators
  • phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators
  • fundamental/multiplied phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators
  • the lowest noise phase-locked dielectric resonator oscillators
  • ultra low-noise phased-locked dielectric resonator oscillators
  • variable frequency multi-source oscillators
  • phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators
  • multiplied phase-locked coaxial resonator oscillators
  • phase-locked crystal oscillators
  • ultra low-noise crystal oscillators
  • multiplied crystal oscillator to 1 GHz

Narda-MITEQ also offers a product line of free-running Dielectric Resonator Oscillators which includes:
  • mechanically-tuned dielectric resonator oscillators
  • temperature compensated dielectric resonator oscillators
  • electronically-tuned coaxial oscillators

DRO, TCDRO Series (Chip and wire free running and temperature compensated DROs)
(DRO Catalog - (PDF))

LCDRO Series (SMT free running DROs)
(LCDRO Datasheet - (PDF))

2LPL(A) Series (Phase Locked Oscillator)
(2LPL Datasheet (PDF))

SLCRO Series (Ultra Low Phase Noise Phased Locked Oscillator-Reference Multiple Only)
(SLCRO Datasheet (PDF))

DLCRO Series (Ultra Low Phase Noise Phased Locked Oscillator)
(DLCRO Datasheet (PDF))

Obsolete Oscillator models
The following products are no longer available from Narda-MITEQ (as of Dec 2022):
OBS ModelsReplacement Models
ETCOContact Factory
XTOObsolete; No Replacement
XTMObsolete; No Replacement

The following options are available on catalog models. Please contact the factory for help in configuring part numbers.
- Internal Reference
- Extended Temperature
- Higher Output Power

Narda-MITEQ can also offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Please contact Component Sales with any special requirements you may have:
Tel: 631-231-9220

All Frequency Oscillator products are backed by Narda-MITEQ's Warranty and most are available as RoHS Compliant components.


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