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2016-05-18 - Production of the SATCOM Inmarsat Receiver P/N RCV-INMST will be discontinued as of May 30, 2016. There will be no replacement for this product. All product warranties will be supported but this product will no longer be available for purchase. Data sheets and Support documents will be available under the SATCOM Legacy Products section of the website.

(SATCOM Legacy Products)
SATCOM Inmarsat Receiver P/N RCV-INMST Discontinued
L3 Narda-MITEQ LNAs Reach the Edge of our Solar System
2015-07-13 - L3 Narda-MITEQ wishes the NASA team a successful mission on this flight to Pluto and beyond the Solar System. This will be the first time that L3 Narda-MITEQ LNAs will have flown this far from Earth.(Read more at NASA.gov...)
2015-01-22 - L-3 Communications (NYSE:LLL) announced today that it acquired the assets of MITEQ, Inc. on January 21, 2015 for $41 million, subject to customary adjustments. The business will be combined with L-3’s Narda Microwave-East business located in Hauppauge, N.Y., and the new organization will be called L3 Narda-MITEQ.

(Read more on the L-3 website)
L-3 Communications Acquires MITEQ, Inc.
MITEQ turns 45!
2014-12-11 - MITEQ, a major supplier of RF components, assemblies and systems is celebrating 45 years in business this year.

Located on Long Island NY, MITEQ initially began offering Low Noise Amplifiers [LNAs] starting in 1969. Today MITEQ's technical competence, leadership and innovation continues to supply a broad range of state of the art products to a whole new range of customers and applications.

We wish to thank all our customers for your continued business over the past 45 years and we are excited as well about your future needs for our products.

MITEQ is registered as an AS9100:2009 Rev C manufacturer.

(About MITEQ)
2014-12-09 - MITEQ, Inc. today announced that it has been supplying Up and Down converters, Test Loop Translators, and Fiber Optic Links to Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the Deep Space Network program.

\"This further shows MITEQ\'s ability to produce highly reliable, complex equipment to important customers for very essential programs.\" commented Mitchell Haft, Director of Sales for SATCOM Products.

Howard Hausman, President and CEO of MITEQ commented \"MITEQ has supplied thousands of SATCOM converters to various customers on every continent of the world.\"

The Deep Space Network is NASA\'s international array of giant radio antennas that supports interplanetary spacecraft missions, plus a few that orbit Earth. The DSN also provides radar and radio astronomy observations that improve our understanding of the solar system and the larger universe.

(Read about the Deep Space Network on the JPL website)
MITEQ Supplying Equipment for Deep Space Network
SatTV interviews MITEQ President and CEO Howard Hausman
2014-09-16 - SatTV's Richard Hooper talks to Howard Hausman, President and CEO of MITEQ about the company's leading edge product range and why they are in such demand globally.

(Click here to watch now...)
2014-07-31 - The European Space Agency's [ESA] Rosetta spacecraft is quickly approaching Comet 67P for a scheduled rendezvous in early August.

The Rosetta spacecraft will then follow the comet and the lander, Philae, will be delivered to the comet's surface in November 2014.

(Read more...)
MITEQ supplies ESA Spacecraft with Oscillators for Comet rendezvous
MITEQ to supply critical RF components for JPSS
2014-07-22 - MITEQ, Inc. [Hauppauge, NY] has been selected by Northrop Grumman Corporation's Electronic Systems sector to supply critical Radio Frequency components for the JPSS [Joint Polar Satellite System] program.

These components will be integrated into Northrop Grumman's ATMS [Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder] instrument. JPSS-1 is the first of the next generation of satellites to be managed by NOAA with NASA as the JPSS program's procurement agency.
(Read more...)
2014-06-11 - MITEQ, a leader in RF SATCOM Products, will be exhibiting at CommunicAsia 2014 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (Stand 1R3-07) June 17-20. MITEQ will be highlighting different products specifically focused on Commercial SATCOM equipment that include:
  • Pilot Generators with Tracking Reference
  • Uplink Power Control System
(View all SATCOM products)
Advanced SATCOM Solutions from MITEQ
New Switchable Wideband Fiber Optic Delay Line Instruments
2014-01-23 - This new product offering pulls from MITEQ\'s already large portfolio of proven Fiber Optic Links operating from 10 Mhz up to 20 Ghz.

MITEQ offers configurations with up to eight delays in a single instrument.

Delay paths of up to 500 microseconds are available with switching speeds between delays as fast as 30 microseconds. All units come with universal AC power supplies with both Local front panel and remote USB control. (Read more...)
2013-10-17 - MITEQ, a leader in RF and Microwave Components, recently exhibited products at the AOC 2013 show this October 27-30, 2013 in Washington, DC. MITEQ will be highlighting three different products that include:
– Ultra-Wideband EW Up-/Downconverters
– Wideband Switched Optical Time Delays
– Fiber optic links up to 20 GHz(Read More)
Ultra-Wideband EW Converters and Fiber Optic Links
Fiber Optic Link and Receiver/Test Systems
2013-09-30 - MITEQ, a leader in RF and Microwave Components, recently exhibited products at the EuMW 2013 show this month in Nuremberg, Germany. MITEQ highlighted three different products that include:
– Multiple Input Wideband Ku and Ka Up-/Downconverters
– Low-Noise Block Converters for extending frequency coverage of your current instrumentation.
– Analog Fiber optic links up to 20 GHz(Read More)
2013-08-22 - In the forefront of RF SATCOM product development for over 43 years, MITEQ is offering innovative RF SATCOM products with an emphasis on broadband, Ka-Band solutions.

– 1/3 Rack Block Up and Down Converters
– Ka-band Low Noise Block Converters

– UPC2 Uplink Power Control For Critical Ka-band Links(Read More)
The Ka-Broadband Experts, New SATCOM Products Meet the Critical Requirements of Advanced Digital Satellite Communications
EMI/EMC Compliance Testing Products
2013-07-26 - MITEQ will be exhibiting products for the Compliance market place in the mile high city at EMC 2013 in Denver (August 6-9). MITEQ will be highlighting three different products specifically focused on EMI/EMC compliance testing applications that include:

– New Tabletop (TTA) series of LNAs covering from 1 kHz-40 GHz
– Low-Noise Block Converters for extending frequency coverage of your current instrumentation.
– Analog Fiber optic links up to 20 GHz for EMI immune signal transmission. (Read More)
2012-11-10 - MITEQ congratulates Arianespace, Eutelsat and Star One on a sucessfull launch on November 10, 2012.

This is the 52nd consecutive success for the Ariane 5 dating back nearly ten years. The combined weight of the two communications satellites was over 9.2 metric tons delivered perfectly on-target in GTO.

Mark your calendar for Arianespace’s next launch on November 30th.(read more)
Ariane 5 orbits the EUTELSAT 21B and Star One C3 satellites
Curiosity Has Landed
2012-08-06 - MITEQ congratulates JPL and NASA on the Mars landing of Curiosity. Curiosity has captured the imagination of the world and MITEQ is exceptionally proud to be a part of this historic mission supplying both on-board equipment and technical expertise. Click here to read more about MITEQ's Spaceborne products... The landing of this sophisticated roving laboratory was successfully performed at 154 million miles from home. This is the largest and most advanced spacecraft to land on another planet.(read more)
2012-05-14 - In May 2010 MITEQ achieved AS9100 registration, expanding our scope and commitment to include the Aviation, Space and Defense Industries. MITEQ is now registered to AS9100:2009 (Rev. C) as well as ISO9001:2008 by National Quality Assurance USA (NQA), an accredited registrar of the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). NQA performs Quality System audits at MITEQ every six months assuring continued compliance. Additionally, internal audits, management reviews and monthly quality reports assure the Quality Management System is continually improving at MITEQ.(Read More)
MITEQ achieves AS9100 registration
Ka-band Satellite Launch
2011-10-19 - MITEQ wishes to congratulate ViaSat on the successful launch of ViaSat-1. Blast off from ILS launch base in Baikonur was on schedule October 19. ViaSat-1 is the highest capacity Ka-band satellite in the world, with 140 Gbps throughput capacity. Together MITEQ and ViaSat welcome the dawn of a new era in satellite communications.(More About MITEQ In Space)