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Send Special SATCOM Product Requests, or any other questions or comments to:

Product Highlight: 9900 Series

Product Highlight: 9900 Series

L3 Narda-MITEQ frequency converters are designed for advanced satellite communication systems and are available for a wide variety of frequency plans. Phase noise, amplitude flatness and spurious outputs have been optimized to provide the user with a transparent frequency conversion for all video and data applications.
  • They offer ultra-low phase noise meeting an integrated phase noise specification better than IESS-308/309.
  • All converters include Ethernet, RS485/RS422 remote interface with optional RS232.
  • RF, IF, and LO monitoring points provided on the front panel. Date and time stamped event logs also included.

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U-9953-6-1K - Quote
U-9956-6-1K - Quote
U-9956-7-1K - Quote
U-9957-2-1K - Quote
U-9953-6-1K-L - Quote
U-9956-6-1K-L - Quote
U-99-9502150-1K - Quote
D-9901-1-1K - Quote
D-9908-6-1K - Quote
D-99-9502150-1K - Quote

Refer to the datasheets (D-326 and D-338) below, for more information.


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