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2024-04-30 - Enabling new ways to increase data throughput at millimeter-wave frequencies.

In support of the increasing demand for applications associated with millimeter-wave frequencies, Narda-MITEQ is launching our new Q/V band waveguide components. The latest additions to our portfolio include crossguide couplers, broadwall couplers, terminations, right-angle adapters, and pressure windows. Millimeter-waves allow wireless signals to be focused into narrower beams, enabling increased data transmission across longer distances. The higher and less crowded Q/V band frequencies, between 33GHz and 75GHz, are therefore an expanding target for several different possible applications such as commercial satellite feeder links, wireless backhaul, point to point/point to multi-point radio links, radio astronomy, remote sensing, and automotive radar just to name a handful. Our Q/V band waveguide components uphold the esteemed legacy of Narda-MITEQ in delivering reliable solutions with superior quality and robust performance required for these applications.

Datasheets (PDFs):
Q/V Band, 33-60 GHz Broadwall Couplers
Q/V Band, 33-60 GHz Crossguide Directional Couplers
Q/V Band, 33-60 GHz Right Angle Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter
Q/V Band, 33-60 GHz Waveguide Termination
Q/V Band, 33-60 GHz Waveguide Pressure Windows

New Q/V Band Waveguide Components Address Emerging Requirements for High Data Rate Communications
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