Model: SYS2H1324N01X

Product Category:Multiplier
DescriptionUltra Wideband Doubler with Integrated Switched Filter Bank
Input Frequency Min.6950 MHz
Input Frequency Max.12450 MHz
Input VSWR Typ.2.0 Ratio
Multiplication Factor2
Input Power Min.13 dBm
Input Power Max.18 dBm
Voltage 1 Typ.8 V
Current 1 Typ.350 mA
Voltage 2 Typ.-12 V
Current 2 Typ.30 mA
Band SelectionTTL
Output Frequency Band 1 Min.13900 MHz
Output Frequency Band 1 Max.16900 MHz
Output Frequency Band 2 Min.16900 MHz
Output Frequency Band 2 Max.20500 MHz
Output Frequency Band 3 Min.20500 MHz
Output Frequency Band 3 Max.24900 MHz
Output Power Typ.15 dBm
Output Power Min.13 dBm
Output VSWR Typ.2.5 Ratio
Transfer Characteristic
Harmonic Rejection Even Min.60 dBc In Output Band
Harmonic Rejection Odd Min.60 dBc In Output Band
Output Harmonic Suppression Typ.15 dBc
Outline Drawing192544
Operating Temperature Min.-20 °C
Operating Temperature Max.65 °C
Specs Guaranteed Temp Max.25 °C
Specs Guaranteed Temp Min.25 °C
Storage Temperature Min.-50 °C
Storage Temperature Max.85 °C
Humidity100 % Non-Condensing
Quality Assurance
Test Data Supplied At 25 Degrees C
Output Power vs. Frequency
Input Harmonic Rejection
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Outline Drawing:
192544 (PDF)

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