Model: ARM0618LC2C

Product Category:Mixer
RF Frequency Min.:6000 MHz
RF Frequency Max:18000 MHz
RF VSWR Typ.:2.5 Ratio LO=+10 dBm, RF=-10 dBm
LO Frequency Min.:6000 MHz
LO Frequency Max.:18000 MHz
LO Power Min.:10 dBm
LO Power Max.:13 dBm
LO Power Typ.:11.5 dBm
LO VSWR Typ.:2.5 Ratio LO=+10 dBm
Voltage:15 V nom.
Current:150 mA nom.
Voltage 2 Nom.:5 V
Current 2 Nom.:25 mA
Current 3 Nom.:150 mA
IF Frequency Min.:100 MHz 3 dB Bandwidth
IF Frequency Max.:200 MHz 3 dB Bandwidth
IF VSWR Typ.:2 Ratio LO=+10 dBm, IF=-10 dBm
Transfer Characteristics
Conversion Gain Min.:22 dB
Conversion Gain Typ.:24 dB
LO to RF Isolation Min.:40 dB
LO to RF Isolation Typ.:50 dB
LO to IF Isolation Typ.:20 dB
RF to IF Isolation Typ.:20 dB
Input P1dB Typ.:-19 dBm
Input IP3 Typ.:-9 dBm
Single Sideband Noise Figure:4 dB @ 25?C
Single Sideband Noise Figure Typ.:3.5 dB @ 25?C
Image Rejection Min.:18 dB RF>LO
Output P1dB Typ.:5 dBm
Output IP3 Typ.:15 dBm
Outline Drawing:200116
Specifications at25 °C:
Operating Temp:-54 to 85 °C
Storage Temperature Min.:-65 °C
Storage Temperature Max.:125 °C
Quality Assurance
Test Data Supplied At 25 Deg. C
Conversion Loss
LO to RF Isolation
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Outline Drawing:
200116 (PDF)

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