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Model: AMFW-7S-03400420-28

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Product Category:Amplifier
Description:Amplifier - Low Noise SATCOM
Specifications at23 °C:
Frequency:3.4 to 4.2 GHz
Gain:60 dB min.
Gain Flatness:0.5 dB+/- max.
Noise Figure:0.4 dB max.
Noise Temperature:28 K max.
VSWR In:1.25:1 max.
VSWR Out:1.5:1 max.
P1dB Out:10 dBm min.
Voltage:15 V nom.
Current:250 mA nom.
Outline Drawing:125063-1
Operating Temp:-40 to 60 °C
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Outline Drawing:
125063 (PDF)

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