Model: AMFW-7F-17702130-120-23P-WP

Product Category:Amplifier
Specifications at23 °C:
Frequency:17.7 to 21.3 GHz
Gain:60 dB min.
Gain Flatness:1 dB+/- max.
Noise Figure:1.504 dB max.
Noise Temperature:120 K max.
VSWR In:1.25:1 max.
VSWR Out:1.5:1 max.
P1dB Out:23 dBm min.
Output IP3 Typ.:30 dBm
Output IP3 Min.:30 dBm
Voltage:15 V nom.
Current:700 mA nom.
Outline Drawing:148201-2
Operating Temp:-40 to 60 °C
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Outline Drawing:
148201 (PDF)


Available Options for AMFW-7F-17702130-120-23P-WP:

-TCTemperature compensationGain Variation vs. Temperature = 3.00 dB, pk-pk, maximum, -40°C to +60°C. (Note that the connectorized amplifiers specify a different temperature range.)
-BDC Bias Through a Solder Pin
-CBias-Tee at the RF Output
-OPower Supply, 110/220 VACFor most models, integrated inside the LNA housing. Operating temperature range from -15°C to +60°C.
-FFault Alarm, Form-C Contact ClosureFor most models, integrated inside the LNA housing. Operating temperature range from -15°C to +60°C.
-NEGNegative DC Input Voltage (-24VDC)DC Input Voltage at -24.0 VDC. Operating temperature range from -15°C to +60°C.
-P1+15dBm output
-P2+20dBm output
-13P+13dBm output
-23P+23dBm output
-TRFTransmit Reject Filter (C-Band)Above 5.20 GHz, Rejection of 20.0 dB, minimum.
-TRFTransmit Reject Filter (X-Band)Necessitates an outline change to MITEQ drawing 135805.
-TRFTransmit Reject Filter (Ku-Band)Above 13.5 GHz, Rejection of 20.0 dB, minimum.
-24M2.4 mm Female Output ConnectorNot available on all models. Consult factory for details
-430FCPR430F Input WaveguideS-Band only. MITEQ outline drawing changes to 148029.
-LInput LimiterProtection up to +27.0 dBm CW. May degrade Noise Temperature and Input VSWR.
-APMAmplitude and Phase MatchAmplitude Matching (per pair) = +/-1 dB, max Phase Matching (per pair) = +/- 10°, maximum
-GWGain Window
-NN female connNot available on all models. Comes standard on C-Band LNAs.
-WR28WR28 on Output
-WPWeatherproof Housing (KA Band)Lowest noise temperature with this option is limited to 120K and output IP3 to 30 dB. Changes Outline to 148201-X. WP option adds additional 10K noise so it necessitates 110K as starting point for pricing.

Options may not apply to all models.

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