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Model: AMF-4D-01000800-30-29P

Description:1-8 GHz 0.8 W Power Amplifier
Specifications at23 °C:
Frequency:1 to 8 GHz
Gain:35 dB min.
Gain Flatness:2 dB+/- max.
Noise Figure:3 dB max.
Noise Temperature:288.6 K max.
VSWR In:2.2:1 max.
VSWR Out:2.2:1 max.
P1dB Out:28 dBm min.
Voltage:15 V nom.
Current:1100 mA nom.
Outline Drawing:183016
Operating Temp:-40 to 60 °C
Documents for AMF-4D-01000800-30-29P
Outline Drawing: 183016 (PDF)


Available Options for AMF-4D-01000800-30-29P:

-BTOBias via output
-GWGain Window
-VV conn (not avail on all models)
-LInput Limiter (to +27dBm)
-TCTemperature Compensation (not avail on all models)
-PMPhase Match (+/- 10 deg, max)
-AMAmplitude Match (+/-1 dB,max) (not avail on all models)
-APMAmplitude and Phase match (not avail on all models)
-GCGain control (up to 15 dB range)
-HHermetic (includes fine/gross leak test)
-BTIBias via input
-GSGain Slope - within certain limits
-PSPower Supply
-FFault alarm
-KK conn (not avail on all models)
-NN conn (not avail on all models)
-TTNC conn (not avail on all models)
-LPNLow Phase Noise
-TTLOn/Off Control Switch (TTL)
-HSHeat Sink
-HSFHeat sink and fan.Heat sink with fan pack. Needs a seperate 12V.
-12V12 Volt operationAble to run from a 12 Volt supply
-8V8 Volt operationAble to work off an 8V DC supply
-24V24 Volt operationAble to operate from a 24V DC supply

Options may not apply to all models.