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Model: 4779-30

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Product Category:Attenuator Fixed
Attenuation (Deviation 12.4-18 GHz)+/- 1.0 dB
Attenuation (Deviation DC-12.4 GHz)+/- 0.8 dB
Attenuation (Nominal)30 dB
Power Input (Max Avg.)2.0 W
Power Input (Max Peak)0.2 kW
Frequency RangeDC-18 GHz
Frequency Min.0 MHz
Frequency Max.18000 MHz
Maximum Weight14 grams
Maximum Weight0.5 oz.
VSWR (max.) 12.4-18 GHz1.40:1
VSWR (max.) 4-12.4 GHz1.35:1
VSWR (max.) DC-4 GHz1.15:1
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