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Sales Reps for Virginia
MHz Marketing, Inc.
(SATCOM and Components)
Southern NJ (08000-08799); Eastern PA (15500-15599, 15800-15899, 16600-19699)

11285 Dovedale Court Suite A Marriottsville, MD 21104
Phone: 1-866-649-6584
Fax: 1-410-489-9117

Mr. Scott Masterman, President
Phone: 410-221-3114
Email: scott@mhzmarketing.com

Ms. Nancy Nathanson, Office Manager
Phone: 410-221-3120
Email: nancyn@mhzmarketing.com

Mr. Jason Sullivan
Phone: 410-221-3119
Email: jasons@mhzmarketing.com

Adam Priest
Phone: 410-221-3139
Email: adamp@mhzmarketing.com

Mr. Rick Sapp
Phone: 410-221-3113
Email: rick@mhzmarketing.com

Mr. John Stilling
Phone: 410-221-3105
Email: johns@mhzmarketing.com

Mr. Jon P. Lehr
Phone: 717-200-4527
Email: jonl@mhzmarketing.com

Mr. John Humiston
Phone: 267-691-3260
Email: johnh@mhzmidlantic.com

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435 Moreland Road
Hauppauge, NY 11788

PHONE: 631-231-1700
FAX: 631-231-1711

Send Special Component Product Requests, or any other questions or comments to:

Send Special SATCOM Product Requests, or any other questions or comments to:


INMARSAT ProductsNarda-MITEQ's INMARSAT product line includes: Pilot Receivers, C- and L-Band Converters, C- and L-Band Translators, and C- and L-Band Pilot Generators. These products are designed to operate in INMARSAT satellite communication terminals. INMARSAT Pilot Receivers, INMARSAT Converters, INMARSAT Translators, INMARSAT Pilot Generators, L Band INMARSAT Pilot Receivers, L Band INMARSAT Converters, L Band INMARSAT Translators, L Band INMARSAT Pilot Generators, C Band INMARSAT Pilot Receivers, C Band INMARSAT Converters, C Band INMARSAT Translators, C Band INMARSAT Pilot Generators, INMARSAT Pilot Receiver, INMARSAT Converter, INMARSAT Translator, INMARSAT Pilot Generator, INMARSAT





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SATCOM Products

Please Contact Narda-MITEQ for more information:

Email: satcomsalesnm@l3harris.com
Phone: +1 (631) 439-9220

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