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SATCOM Legacy Products

The following list includes all the L3 Narda-MITEQ standard legacy products. These products have been manufactured in the past, and here is where you can find the product documentation and specifications sheets.

Synthesized/Tunable Converters:
9700 Series Frequency Converters

High Performance 9700 Series Frequency Converters

High Performance 9400/9600 Series Frequency Converters

Ka-Band (Indoor) Frequency Converters

225-400 MHz UHF Upconverter and UHF Downconverter

X-Band Upconverter and Downconverter Models U-94-25020 and D-94-25020

Digital Video Modulator

Ka-Band Outdoor Communication Converters

X-Band 70/700 MHz IF Frequencies

High Value Outdoor Frequency Converters

Synthesized Dual-Channel Outdoor Downconverters

Single Conversion 9000 Series

Equalizer Products:
1:N Redundant Amplifier/Slope Equalizer System

70 and 140 MHz Variable IF Delay and Amplitude Slope Equalizers

1:1 Redundant Line Amplifier/Equalizer System

Uplink Power Control Units:
Uplink Power Control System

Beacon Receiver

Test Translators:
Ka-Band Test Translators

Ka-Band Test Translators

Multiband Converters:
9700 Series Tri-Band Frequency Converters

Tri-Band Outdoor Communication Converters

High-Value Dual C- and Ku-Band Communication Converters

VHF Converter Model U/D-10200R-1

Block/Fixed Tuned Converters:
C-, X- and Ku-Band Rack-Mounted Block Downconverters

Rack-Mounted Block Up converters

High Value Rack Mounted Block Downconverter

Ka-Band Outdoor Block Up converters and Block Downconverter

High Performance X-Band Low Noise Block Downconverters With Interstage Filter

1:1 and 1:2 Redundant Low-Noise Ka-Band Block Converter Systems

70/140 MHz IF-to-IF

Dual C- to L-Band Block Downconverter

Dual Ku- to L-Band Block Downconverter

Synthesized, Dual-Conversion Upconverter and Downconverter High Performance

Synthesized, Triple Band Dual-Conversion Upconverter and Downconverter

Redundant Switchover Systems:
High Performance 1:1 Switchover Unit

1:1 Redundant Switchover Unit

High Value 1:N Redundant Switchover Unit

Amplifier Products:
Redundant Amplifier System

Amplifier System

Power Amplifier Products:
70/140 1 Watt Power Amplifiers

Solid State Booster Amplifiers

X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier with Block Upconverter

INMARSAT Products:
C- and L-Band Converters

C- and L-Band Test Generators

C- and L-Band Pilot Generators

INMARSAT Pilot Receiver

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