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Mailing Address

L3Harris Narda-MITEQ
435 Moreland Road
Hauppauge, NY 11788

PHONE: 631-231-1700
FAX: 631-231-1711

Send Special Component Product Requests, or any other questions or comments to:

Send Special SATCOM Product Requests, or any other questions or comments to:


L3 Narda-MITEQ occupies two buildings located in Hauppauge on Long Island, New York. These buildings include the following state-of-the-art facilities:

Clean Rooms:
- Five Class 100K clean rooms
- Two Class 10K clean rooms (operation to 1K) Manufacturing
- 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space

Environmental Labs:
- Temperature Cycle/Thermal Shock
- Mechanical Shock
- Mechanical Vibration
- Temperature/Humidity
- Fine and Gross Leak Testing
- PIND Testing

Chemical Facilities:
- Thin-Film Lab

Machine Shop: 15 CNC machines supporting
- Kovar
- Copper
- Tungsten
- Aluminum
- other metals

Test Equipment:
- Vector and Scalar Network Analyzers
- Spectrum Analyzers
- Phase Noise Test Sets
- Noise Figure Meters and Analyzers
- Power Meters
- Synthesized Sweep Generators

Additional Facilities:
- X-Ray
- Bond Pull/Die Shear Equipment
- Two Glass Sealing Furnaces
- Hermetic Sealing: Seam-welding and projection welding
- In-House Automated Assembly

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Please Contact L3Harris Narda-MITEQ for more information:

Email: componentsnm@l3harris.com
Phone: +1 (631) 439-9220
Email: satcomsalesnm@l3harris.com
Phone: +1 (631) 439-9108

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Clean Room
Clean Room
Glass Sealing Furnace
Glass Sealing Furnace
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