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2021-03-18 - HAUPPAUGE, NY – With this new device, we have increased the upper frequency range output from 18 to 26 GHz. Please contact the Factory for any requirements or quote activities.

The Narda-MITEQ LCDRO is a free running low cost DRO that is used in many microwave radar and radio frequency applications for both commercial and military.

The LCDRO is remarkably stable, in many cases it replaces any fixed frequency test synthesizer or generator. The Narda-MITEQ LCDRO series is extremely high performance and very power efficient, delivering +13 dBm and with less than 120 mA of DC current consumption. LCDRO’s durable construction allows operation in very harsh environmental conditions.

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Narda-MITEQ introduces its expanded Frequency LCDRO Series Free Running Oscillator