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Redundant Block Converter Systems: 1:1 and 1:2

Redundant Block Converter Systems: 1:1 and 1:2

These completely integrated 1:1 or 1:2 redundant block converter assemblies provide continuous RF operation without loss of signal on a completely automated basis.

The redundant assembly is a weather-proof, antenna mount, single plate assembly, completely integrated with controller interface, switching elements and block converters. The redundant assemblies are available to cover all SATCOM receive and transmit bands; C, X, Ku, DBS, K and Ka - commercial and military bands using the WS series of high-performance block converters (see datasheet D-327 for the block converter specifications).

The control and monitoring of the converters is provided by a rack mounted local control switch over unit. The controller is based on the NSU Series (see datasheet D-323) and is included with the redundant converter plate assembly. Interface cables connecting the rack mounted controller to the antenna mounted plate assembly are also included. The 1:1 system uses a single cable, while the 1:2 system uses two. Standard cable length is 100 feet (30.5m), with longer cable lengths available in 10 foot (3m) increments as an option. Maximum cable length for a 1:1 system is 250 feet (76.2m). Maximum cable length for a 1:2 system is 328 feet (100m).

To Download A PDF Datasheet Click Here

0.9 Degree rms, 10Hz to 100 MHz

SSB Integrated Phase Noise Ka-Band Block Converters

This utra-low phase noise option is now available on Narda-MITEQ's WS series up- and downconverters. For more informationClick here.

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