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2018-08-30 - L3 Technologies, Narda-MITEQ introduces the newly high-performance, cost effective and smallest in size line of synthesizers, the SLS2 Series.
The SLS2 series operates from 0.010 to 15 GHZ (in bands, with the capability of covering Octave bands) with the option of doubling frequency by using an external multiplier.
The small size and high performance makes the SLS2 ideal when it comes to Low Phase Noise and spurious.


  • 1 KHz standard step size and programmable varying reference frequency via MICRO-USB port.
  • It also has +13dBm output power standard and 60dBc of spurious suppression.
  • offers 10dB below the Intelsat phase noise mask which makes a very attractive application for down converters and dual conversions in L, S, C, Ku and Ka (with the multiplier).
  • Consuming less than 4-Watt maximum from (6.5 - 28 Vdc) makes the SLS2 Synthesizer a perfect use with digital Radio transmission.
  • Because of the size and spectral purity, the SLS2 is ideal for X-band radars application.
  • The SLS2 is just 2x2x0.6 inches (51x51x15 mm) has an operating temperature from -40° C to +80° C and weigh less than 100 grams.

The construction of the device promotes excellent RF and reliability performance, and meets MIL-STD-202 requirements for shock, vibration, humidity and altitude.

(View the Series SLS2 Datasheet)
New Product: High-Spectral Purity Synthesizers, Series SLS2