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3W Wideband GaN PA 12V Operation and With Heat Sink With Fans


AMFG-3F-00030300-60-33P-HS-12V AMFG-3F-00030300-60-33P-HS-12V is another GaN power amplifier. High impedances of these devices allow for excellent port match and gain flatness over very wide bandwidths. Inherent robustness of the device technology enables these amplifiers to withstand very high base temperatures or surges in RF or DC power without compromising their reliability. A severe limitation has been the high voltage requirement that may be incompatible with many existing systems. Model AMFG-3F-00030300-60-33P-HS-12V incorporates an internal DC/DC converter which enables operation from 12V supply. It draws about 2A from a 12V supply at or near Psat. This model operates from 30 MHz to 3 GHz, has over 40 dB gain, typical ??1.5 dB flatness, P1dB of over 33 dBm and a Psat of 35 dBm typical. IP3 is typically 40 dBm. The AMFG-3F-00030300-60-33P-HS-12V comes with a heatsink and fans. It has a built-in over/reverse voltage, temperature and current protection. Port VSWRs are less than 2:1 for the whole band, and is able to withstand full reflection. The operational temperature range is -30 to +50??C ambient. Noise figure is 6 dB maximum. In the same footprint and outline, MITEQ offers other models covering 0.7-3.8 GHz at 36 dBm and others.
3W Wideband GaN PA 12V Operation and With Heat Sink With Fans

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