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HF through RF Ultra Small and Low Noise Coaxial LNA


AMF-2F-00100200-16-15P AMF-2F-00100200-16-15P is a new addition, to its family of extremely low noise and ultra small coaxial LNAs in the 0.1-2 GHz band. This LNA has over 30 dB of gain in a housing that is only 1.22?? long and 0.88?? wide without the field-replaceable SMA connectors. Gain flatness is a maximum of ??1 dB, though typical is ??0.75 dB. The amplifier has a maximum noise figure of 1.6 dB in the full band, though the typical value is 1 dB. It operates from -40 to +75??C, has a P1dB of minimum 15 dBm, IP3 of typically 25 dBm, and a current draw of maximum 135 mA from a single +15V DC supply. Port VSWR is less than 2:1 for both input and output. Other models with typical gains ranging from 25 to 50 dB are available in the same outline. The aluminum alloy housing provides excellent thermal performance in addition to being very small and light. Hermetic sealing is an option.
HF through RF Ultra Small and Low Noise Coaxial LNA

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