Filter Results

Absolute Calibration Accuracy dB
Absolute Calibration Sensitivity Accuracy per 10 dB Step
Accuracy (in Deg./GHz)
Amplitude Balance (max dB)
Amplitude Balance dB (.5-6 GHz)
Amplitude Balance dB (.5-8 GHz)
Amplitude Balance dB (8-18 GHz)
Attenuation dB (Deviation 12.4-18)
Attenuation dB (Deviation 2-6)
Attenuation dB (Deviation 26.5-40)
Attenuation dB (Deviation 3-4)
Attenuation dB (Deviation 3-5)
Attenuation dB (Deviation 3-6)
Attenuation dB (Deviation 6-11)
Attenuation dB (Deviation 6-12.4)
Attenuation dB (Deviation DC-12.4)
Attenuation dB (Deviation DC-2)
Attenuation dB (Deviation DC-26.5)
Attenuation dB (Deviation DC-3)
Attenuation dB (Deviation DC-6)
Attenuation dB (Deviation)
Attenuation dB (Nominal)
Attenuation Range
Average Power (Combiner)
Average Power (Divider)
Average Power (kW)
Average Power (W)
Average Pwer (Fwd/Ref) W
Avg Power (Fwd) in Watts
Avg Power (Rev) in Watts
Avg. Power (W) Max Load VSWR 1.2
Avg. Power (W) Max Load VSWR 2.0
Avg. Power (W) Max Load VSWR Infinite
Avg. Power in Watts (A)
Avg. Power in Watts (B
Avg. Power in Watts (C)
Band Segment (in GHz)
Calibration (Freq GHz)
Connector Type
Connectors (Coupled Output)
Connectors (Input)
Connectors (Main Line Input)
Connectors (Main Line Output)
Connectors (Output)
Connectors (Primary Line Input)
Connectors (Primary Line Output)
Connectors (RF)
Coupling dB (max) 0.7-2.5 GHz
Coupling dB (max) 0.82-98 GHz
Coupling dB (max) 1.8-2.2 GHz
Directivity dB (0.5-12.4)
Directivity dB (1-12.4)
Directivity dB (1-8)
Directivity dB (12.4-18)
Directivity dB (15-18 GHz)
Directivity dB (2-12.4)
Directivity dB (2-8 GHz)
Directivity dB (8-12.4)
Directivity dB (8-18)
DIrectivity dB 1.7 - 12.4
Directivity dB 12.4 - 26.5
Directivity dB 6-15 GHz
Equivalent Residual VSWR (max)
Flange (Equivalent to)
Flange Type
Flatness dB
Flatness dB (0.01-18.0)
Frequency Sensitivity (dB Max) 1.7 -26.5
Frequency Sensitivity (dB Max) 2.0 -18.0
Frequency Sensitivity dB
Frequency Sensitivity dB (max) 1-1.5
Frequency Sensitivity dB (max) 1.5-18
Impedance (Ohms)
Input Power (max)
Input Power (W) Any Load Condition
Input Power (W) Max Load VSWR 1.2:1
Input Power (W) Max Load VSWR 2.0:1
Input Power (W) Max Load VSWR Infinite
Insertion Loss (17.0-18.0 GHz)
Insertion Loss (6.0-17.0 GHz)
Insertion Loss Coupled Pwr Excl. (dB)
Insertion Loss Coupled Pwr Excl. (dB) 1.7 - 12.4
Insertion Loss Coupled Pwr Excl. (dB) 12.4 - 18.0
Insertion Loss Coupled Pwr Excl. (dB) 18.0 - 26.5
Insertion Loss dB (.5-6 GHz)
Insertion Loss dB (.5-8 GHz)
Insertion Loss dB (2.0-3.0 GHz)
Insertion Loss dB (3.0-5.0 GHz)
Insertion Loss dB (5.0-6.0 GHz)
Insertion Loss dB (8-18 GHz)
Insertion Loss dB (max)
Insertion Loss dB (max) 0.5-4.5 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 0.5-5.0
Insertion Loss dB (max) 0.7-2.5 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 1.5-18 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 10 MHz-11 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 11.0-12.4 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 2.0-8.0 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 4.5-6.0 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 5.0-8.0
Insertion Loss dB (max) 50 MHz-1.5 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 8.0-18.0 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) Excluding, Combination Loss
Insertion Loss dB (max), Including Combination Loss
Insertion Loss True (max)
Isolation dB (max)
Isolation dB (min)
Isolation dB (min) 0.5-1.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 0.5-2.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 0.7 GHz-2.5 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 1.0-6.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 17.0-18.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 2.0-18 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 2.0-3.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 2.0-8.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 3.0-5.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 5.0-6.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 6.0-7.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 7.0-17.0 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 8.0-18.0 GHz
Loss (dB max)
Maximum Deviation from Nominal (dB)
Maximum Frequency Sensitivity (dB)
Maximum Weight (kg)
Maximum Weight (lbs)
Minimum Directivity (dB)
Minimum Phase Shift
Nominal Coupling (dB)
Nominal Coupling dB (1.5-18 GHz)
Options Available
Output Capacitance
Peak Power (Combiner)
Peak Power (Divider)
Peak Power (kW)
Peak Power (Watts) Fwd & Rev
Phase Avg (Balance in Deg.)
Phase Avg (Power in Watts)
Phase Bal. (in Deg.) 2.0-2.5 GHz
Phase Bal. (in Deg.) 2.5-18 GHz
Phase Bal. (max) in Deg (.5-6 GHz)
Phase Bal. in Deg (Max) .5-8
Phase Bal. in Deg. (Max) 8-18
Phase Balance (Max in Deg.)
Phase Balance in degrees (max) 0.5-6.0 GHz
Phase Balance in degrees (max) 0.7-2.5 GHz
Phase Shift Adjustment Range
Power AVG (Incident in W)
Power AVG (Reflected in W)
Power Handling (Avg. in W)
Power Handling (Peak in kW)
Power in W (AVG. dB)
Power Incident (Watts)
Power Input (Max Avg.) in W
Power Input (Max Peak) in kW
Power Input (Watts) Max
Power Peak (kW at duty of cycle of 0.0001)
Primary Line-Input
Primary Line-Output
Pwr Reflected (Watts)
Reflected Power (Avg.) in Watts Max
Replacement for Detector Model
Resettability per Drum (dB)
Secondary Line
Sensitivity (mV/uW)
Step 1 Deviation (0dB)
Step 10-19 Deviation (10-19dB)
Step 2 Deviation (10dB)
Step 20-29 Deviation (20-29dB)
Step 3 Deviation (20dB)
Step 30-39 Deviation (30-39dB)
Step 4 Deviation (30dB)
Step 40-49 Deviation (40-49dB)
Step 5 Deviation (40dB)
Step 50-59 Deviation (50-59dB)
Step 6 Deviation (50dB)
Step 60-69 Deviation (60-69dB
Step 7 Deviation (60dB)
Steps 1-10 Deviation (0-9dB)
Steps 1-9 Deviation (1-9dB)
Temp Range (in Deg. Celsius)
Temperature Stability (dB / dB / Deg Celcius)
Tracking dB
True Insertion Loss (dB Max) 1.7-12.4
True Insertion Loss (dB Max) 12.4 -18.0
True Insertion Loss (dB Max) 18.0 - 26.5
True Insertion Loss (dB)
Waveguide Size
Weight (max) in kg
Weight (max) in lbs
Weight (max) in Oz
Attenuation Range (dB)
Frequency Range (GHz)
Low Frequency (GHz)
Switching Time
Switching Time (ns)
Switching Time (ns) 2-4 GHz
Actuating Current
Band Segment (GHz)
Coupling dB
High Frequency (GHz)
Input Power CW, Typical (mW)
Insertion Loss db (max) 0.1-4 Ghz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 0.5-2 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 2-12 GHz
Switching Time (ns) 4-8 GHz
Coupling dB (max)
Input Power CW, Max* (mW)
Insertion Loss dB (max) 0.5-12 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 2-4 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 4-18 GHz
Switching Time (ns) 8-12 GHz
Dynamic Range
Input Power Pulse, Max* (W)
Insertion Loss dB (max) 4-8 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) DC-3 GHz
Maximum Weight (gr)
Number of Bits
Switching Time (ns) 12-16 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 3-8 GHz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 8-12 GHz
Least Significant Bit (LSB)
Maximum Weight (oz)
Measurement Range
Switching Time (ns) 16-18 GHz
Temperature Coefficient
Accuracy of Mean Attenuation (dB)
Insertion Loss dB (max) 12-18 GHz
Insertion Loss db (max) 26.5-40 Ghz
Insertion Loss dB (max) 8-12.4 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 2-12 GHz
Overload (CW) in mW
Attenuation Flatness (dB)
Insertion Loss dB (max) 12.4-18 GHz
Insertion Loss db (max) 18-26.5 Ghz
Isolation dB (min) 0.5-12 GHz
Operating Temperature
Overload (Peak) in W
Replacement Element
Insertion Loss dB (max) 12-16 GHz
Output Connector
Power Handling (mW)
Rise and Fall Time
Input Connector
Insertion Loss dB (max) 16-18 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 0.1-4 GHz
Switch Rate
Control Logic
Input VSWR (max)
Isolation dB (min) 4-18 GHz
Power Supply Requirements (mA@-12V)
Isolation dB (min) 0.5-2 GHz
Isolation dB (min) DC-3 GHz
Power Supply Voltage
Zero Offset (Typical)
Isolation dB (min) 2-4 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 26.5-40 Ghz
Isolation dB (min) 3-8 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 4-8 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 8-12.4 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 12.4-18 GHz
Isolation dB (min) 8-12 GHz
Power Supply Requirements mA @-15V
Indicator Circuitry
Isolation dB (min) 12-18 GHz
Termination 50 OHMS
Isolation dB (min) 18-26.5 Ghz
Power Supply Requirements (mA@+5V)
Suppression Diodes
Power Supply Requirements (mA@-12V to -15V)
TTL Logic
Isolation dB (min) 12-16 GHz
Power Handling
Isolation dB (min) 16-18 GHz
Voltage Breakdown (Vdc)
VSWR (0.01-18.0 GHz
VSWR (max)
VSWR (max)
VSWR (max) 0.02-12.4 GHz
VSWR (max) 0.1-4 GHz
VSWR (max) 0.5-12 GHz
VSWR (max) 0.5-2 GHz
VSWR (max) 0.7-1 GHz
VSWR (max) 1-3 GHz
VSWR (max) 1-4 GHz
VSWR (max) 1-9 GHz
VSWR (max) 10-12.4 GHz
VSWR (max) 10-14 GHz
VSWR (max) 10-20 MHz
VSWR (max) 12-16 GHz, ON & OFF
VSWR (max) 12-18 GHz
VSWR (max) 12-18 GHz, ON & OFF
VSWR (max) 12.4-15 GHz
VSWR (max) 12.4-18 GHz
VSWR (max) 14-18 GHz
VSWR (max) 15-18 GHz
VSWR (max) 16-18 GHz, ON & OFF
VSWR (max) 18-26.5 GHz
VSWR (max) 2-12 GHz
VSWR (max) 2-12 GHz, ON & OFF
VSWR (max) 2-4 GHz
VSWR (max) 2-4 GHz, ON & OFF
VSWR (max) 26.5-40 GHz
VSWR (max) 3-5 GHz
VSWR (max) 3-6 GHz
VSWR (max) 3-8 GHz
VSWR (Max) 3.5-10 GHz
VSWR (max) 4-12.4 GHz
VSWR (max) 4-18 GHz
VSWR (max) 4-6 GHz
VSWR (max) 4-8 GHz
VSWR (max) 4-8 GHz, ON & OFF
VSWR (max) 5-6 GHz
VSWR (max) 6-11 GHz
VSWR (max) 6-12.4 GHz
VSWR (max) 8-12 GHz
VSWR (max) 8-12 GHz, ON & OFF
VSWR (max) 8-12.4 GHz
VSWR (max) 9-18 GHz
VSWR (max) DC-1 GHz
VSWR (max) DC-12.4 GHz
VSWR (max) DC-3 GHz
VSWR (max) DC-4 GHz
VSWR (max) DC-6 GHz
VSWR (max) DC-8 GHz
VSWR Branch Line (Max)
VSWR Input
VSWR Input (max) 0.5-1.0 GHz
VSWR Input (max) 0.7-2.5 GHz
VSWR Input (max) 1.0-6.0 GHz
VSWR Input (max) 12.4-18
VSWR Input (max) 15.6-18.0 GHz
VSWR Input (max) 2.0-3.0 GHz
VSWR Input (max) 3.0-5.0 GHz
VSWR Input (max) 5-12.4
VSWR Input (max) 5.0-6.0 GHz
VSWR Input (max) 6.0-7.5 GHz
VSWR Input (max) 7.5-15.6 GHz
VSWR Main Line (Max)
VSWR Maximum for Primary Line
VSWR Maximum for Secondary Line
VSWR Output
VSWR Output (max)
VSWR Output (max) 17.0-18.0 GHz
VSWR Output (max) 6.0-17.0 GHz
VSWR Primary Line
VSWR Secondary Line

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