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VSWR (max)
VSWR (max) 18-26.5 GHz
VSWR (max) DC-8 GHz

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SMA (M) and 3.5 mm (M) DC to 26.5 GHz (Low/Medium Power)

SMA (M) and 3.5 mm (M) DC to 26.5 GHz (Low/Medium Power)

“f” as utilized in the table below for VSWR specifications is the frequency in GHz.  For example at 2 GHz , 1.05 + 0.015f  would be a maximum VSWR specification 1.08:1

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Model Name Average Power (W) Peak Power (kW) Frequency Range (GHz) Data Sheet Link
4377BM 5.0 2 DC-8.0 View PDF
4370DM 0.5 1 DC-18.0 View PDF
4379BM 0.5 1 DC-18.0 View PDF
4378BM 0.5 2 DC-18.0 View PDF
4375GM 10.0 2 DC-18.0 View PDF
4380M 0.5 2 DC-26.5 View PDF

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